CIB warns against ‘Internet dating’ fraud

The China Post staff

Criminal Investigation Bureau is warning people about Internet dating after a Taipei graduate student meeting a date found on the Internet was conned out of NT$200,000 and listed by police as a fraud suspect. A male Taipei graduate student was meeting a date he had found on the Internet when he received a phone call from a woman telling him to first transfer funds from his bank account through the ATM machine. The student proceeded to transfer his funds through the ATM machine eight times for a total of some NT$200,000. After all the funds in his bank account had been emptied, a man told the student through the phone to mail his account book and name chop to an address. The student realized after mailing his account book and name chop that he had fallen for a fraud scheme. He was later listed as a fraud suspect by CIB as his name and account were found to be used in a number of fraud operations. CIB mentioned another case of a student listed as a suspect after unknowingly mailing out his account book. That college student was required to appear for questioning in district prosecutor’s offices in Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan. CIB is warning the public to beware of fraud schemes under the guise of Internet dating and call fraud prevention number 165 when suspecting possible fraud

Also, people should not hand out or mail out their account books or name chops to strangers and should report to police if they discover that they have fallen for a fraud scheme. Schools are urged to promote vigilance among their students, while CIB warns of fraud schemes asking for people’s account books and name chops under the guise of “ATM operation error” or “loan collateral verification.”