Kaohsiung mayor apologizes to councilor

The China Post staff

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu and Kaohsiung City Police Commissioner Tsai Yi-jen jointly extended their apologies yesterday to a city council member for his being handcuffed by police while trying to settle a drunk-driving case for a citizen, but the apology was rejected by the city council. Chen and Tsai voiced their apology to Lan Mu-hsing, a member of the Kaohsiung City Council, at 3 p.m. Lan accepted the apology, saying “let bygones be bygones.” Tsai told the city council that the officer handcuffing Lan has received a demerit and has his job changed for the misconduct.

In response Chuang Chi-wong, speaker of the Kaohsiung City Council, said that drunk-driving is a simple case, and drivers will be fined and freed on the spot as long as their alcohol content rate is under 0.45 percent.

However, when dealing with such a case recently, a police directly brought the driver back to police station, forcing him to seek assistance from Lan. After reaching the police station, Lan tried to ask the police to release the driver, but in vain. Lan, himself, was even handcuffed by the police on grounds of hindering the handling of public affairs, according to Chuang. He continued that he hoped the police can review their service attitude, and won’t develop the misunderstanding that the councilmen are oppress the policemen.

Meanwhile, Chen hoped such a case should come to an end, so that it wouldn’t undermine the harmony between the city government and the city council. But Hsu Kun-yuan, convener of the Greater Kaohsiung alliance within the city council, said that he was not satisfied with the way adopted by the city government to settle the event.

Hsu stormed out of the city council angrily after city police chief Tsai Yi-jen once accused Lan of hindering the police from handling public affairs.

Hsu said he couldn’t accept the light punishment on the police in question, and he asked Tsai to impose heavier punishment on the police, at least receiving a major demerit and changing working places.