Be concerned about flood victims in South

The China Post

Torrential rains have been falling in central, southern, and southeastern Taiwan over the past two days, triggering severe flooding in many places. Another typhoon is approaching Taiwan, threatening to bring still more downpours. On Monday, Meinung Township in Kaohsiung County suffered the worst flood in 30 years. Residents of the place complained that the government has been dragging its feet on anti-flooding projects. These and other flood victims deserve sympathy from us all.

Taiwan is often hit by tropical cyclones, known as typhoons. The heavy rains that a strong typhoon brings could prompt dangers unknown to those who have never witnessed the power of these storms. Effective sewage systems are the best way to prevent flooding. The central government and each local government should make the building of these structures a priority, a task that bears directly on the security and well-being of citizens. Nowadays, many of Taiwan’s politicians have urged citizens to “love Taiwan.” But these politicians seldom, if ever, concern themselves with issues like floods. Actually, these political figures’ favorite pastime is to attack — verbally or physically — their political rivals.