Discharged military police indicted for Presidential Office theft

The China Post staff

A military police who was just discharged in late April this year was indicted Monday by the Shihlin District Prosecutor’s Office for committing a theft when he was still serving at the Presidential Office in early April. Prosecutors said that the suspect, 21 and named Chiang Po-lin, allegedly stole some NT$30,000 in cash and another NT$22,000 worth of gift vouchers from the drawer of a division chief at the Presidential Office on April 6. The division chief soon offered the serial codes of the vouchers issued by Far Eastern Department Store to the police, which, in turn, asked all the branches of the department store to report to the police immediately after finding anybody using such vouchers to make purchases. Chiang was discharged from military service on April 22. Two weeks later, he used such vouchers to shop at the Panchiao branch of the Far Eastern Department Store, and was soon arrested by the police.

In response to the indictment, Lee Nan-yang, director general of the Department of Public Affairs of the Presidential Office, said that his office did suffer such a theft and will fully respect the judicial system in prosecuting the case.