Taipei Artist Village exhibits resident artists’ experiences

By Esther Huang, Special to The China Post

Season Three: Resident Artist’s Group Show opened at the Taipei Artist Village (TAV) yesterday, featuring four foreign and Taiwanese artists. One of the artists, Gregory Pryor from Australia, said the main element of his work is to find a vehicle through which he can articulate a sense of his own experience, as well as the world around him.

He has collected different images and texts, posting them on a wall to express his feelings and experience in relation to Taiwan’s culture. Sasson Kung specializes in media art to show how network communication influences the meaning of human expressions. He believes network communication does form a different platform on which ideas can be changed at different space and time.

He believes people are getting so addicted to technology that they tend to hide their emotions and personalities behind technology. This creates delusions and miscommunication. “Reality is no more reality in the virtual reality world,” said Kung.

His project at TAV will be exploring reality in an unreal world and demonstrating how people’s relationships can be affected by the Internet. Takao Minami from Japan is an expert at using advanced audio-visual technology to explore such diverse themes as the movements of the body, the act of the journey, and the commodities that surround us in our daily lives.

Chun-Sen Yang is the only Taiwanese artist in this TAV event. Yang, who just visited Flushing Town hall in the United States, continues his investigation of environmental issues. The exhibition runs until Oct. 28 at TAV, which is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.