Fraud costs Taiwanese public NT$80 million weekly

The China Post staff

Every week, fraudulent operations in the country scam over NT$80 million from the public, according to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB). Most victims of such scams are stay-at-home mothers and senior citizens over 60 years of age, according to the National Police Agency’s “165 Anti-fraud hotline.” In order to combat this problem, the NPA has published the “165 Anti-fraud Booklet” which educates the public on the ten most common forms of fraud in the country.

A total of 150,000 booklets will be distributed by every police station to the public free of charge. “The ten most common scams include false government notices, gas safety home inspections, prize winnings, online purchases, kidnappings, ATM withdrawals, and mortgage payments,” said Chang Chin-lan, the CIB police officer in charged of editing and compiling the booklet. The NPA works tirelessly to prevent and stop fraud in the country via public notices on television and other media outlets, but this is not always enough as many often remain uninformed, noted the officer. The NPA has therefore spent NT$1.1 million on the booklets in an effort to further strengthen its anti-fraud operations, and particularly with the aim to reach those in the “high risk” group of being defrauded, including elderly citizens and stay-at-home mothers, who might not be aware of this serious problem, added Chang.