Mooncake sellers to be fined for false claims: DOH


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Department of Health (DOH) warned yesterday that online mooncake sellers who promote their products with overstated claims can be fined up to NT$1 million (US$30,232).

Hsueh Fu-chin, a section chief at the DOH’s Bureau of Food Safety, noted that the information posted online by sellers is considered advertising and that if any sellers post information that is exaggerated or untruthful, they will subject to fines of between NT$30,000 and NT$150,000 under the Act Governing Food Sanitation.

If the sellers claim their products have curing effects, they can be fined between NT$200,0000 and NT$1 million, Hsueh said.

Also, Hsueh urged consumers to avoid purchasing mooncakes online, because they have no way of seeing whether the product’s packaging is intact and clearly labeled.

Hsueh made the remarks in response to complaints by ruling Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Yen Wen-chang that many mooncakes sold online lack packaging that clearly labels the ingredients, including whether the product contains any preservatives.

According to Yen, some sellers claim their mooncakes are homemade by relatives with excellent baking skills, while others even claim, without first obtaining certification by health authorities, that their mooncakes are suitable for diabetes patients.