Taiwan residents protest funeral parlor’s billboard


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Residents in a Taipei suburb are demanding the removal of a funeral parlor’s service billboard, which they say is spooky, a newspaper reported Sunday. The white billboard, standing on a sidewalk on the main road in Tucheng, displays black Chinese characters saying: Funeral Parlor Is Here to Serve You, the daily China Times said.

The message is accompanied by paintings of rows of coffins and flowers on the same billboard.

Many drivers and motorcyclists who see the billboard on their way to work each morning are disturbed by the billboard, fearing it could bring them back luck, the paper said.

One shop keeper living nearby said that the billboard has up for two weeks, but no one knows which funeral parlor erected it because the advertisement carries no name or telephone number for the business.

Superstitious Taiwanese typically do not like to see anything connected with death, and many local residents have asked the local government to remove the billboard, the paper said.