34% of manufacturers hope for stable political situation: poll


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Approximately 34 percent of local manufacturers who responded to a recent survey said that maintaining political stability is what they most like to see the government do to improve the domestic investment climate, according to the results of the poll released Friday by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

The MOEA conducted the poll in April among 3,700 manufacturing companies. A total of 2,998 valid samples were collected, 904 of which came from large companies, 805 from medium-sized companies, and 1,289 from small companies.

Asked about urgent tasks the government should do to improve the local investment climate, 32.05 percent of the respondents, who were allowed to make multiple choices, cited improvements in cross-Taiwan-Strait relations, while 27.79 percent said they most hope that the government will ease restrictions on investment in China.

The poll also indicates that 43.1 percent, down 2.21 percent from last year’s poll, expect an increase in this year’s total domestic investment, while 14.68 percent expect a decrease.

Around 26.38 percent, up 4.17 percent from last year, said they will expand their domestic investment plans this year, according to the poll results.

MOEA officials said this year’s domestic investment is expected to rise amid a steadily improving global economy.

According to the poll, 75 percent of the respondents said their operation capital comes from loans from local banks, while 18.81 percent said they have trouble raising capital.

In response to the opening of cross-strait direct transport links, 73.18 percent said they will maintain the current amount of their domestic investment if links are opened, 20.18 percent said they will increase their investment, and 6.64 percent said they will cut their investment, the poll shows.