Germany’s Growth Engine Is Gearing Up

By Frank Pevec

Germany has benefited from its reforms of the last decade, regained its competitiveness, and became a favorite investment and business location. An upgraded infrastructure, sophisticated logistics and a more flexible, highly qualified labor market have combined with high productivity levels, marginal wage increases and longer working hours to make products “Made in Germany” more competitive. For proof, simply look at the size of exports achieved despite an unfavorably strong Euro. All this has created a rise in consumer confidence and domestic demand after years of stagnation. This trend is likely to continue because, in 2008, new tax regulations will improve the investment climate tremendously. Corporate taxes will be cut from 25% to 15% and the trade tax will be lowered with a higher offset to personal income tax. It is no wonder that Germany is highly regarded among economic observers and is the focus of investors who are supported by federal investment promotion agencies, free of charge. For current information about the specific strengths of any location in Germany visit the German Trade Office Taipei. If you want to know about the port cities in the north with their high-tech facilities, superb logistic services, and global business ties; or about North Rhine Westphalia with its industrial backbone and huge sales and sourcing market, contact the GTO. Do you want to know Europe’s most innovative entrepreneurs? Ask us about Baden-Württenberg, home of world renowned companies and many niche champions in medical devices, textiles, precision machinery and other industries. If you want to tap into Europe’s biggest market there will be an opportunity in October to obtain first hand information about investment opportunities. We are hosting an event with specialists, one from the port city of Bremen, a logistics hub; and from North Rhine Westphalia, known for its modern industries and highly developed chemical production and metal processing. This is the place to get instant answers to your investment questions about these locales. For further information please contact: Frank Pevec, Tel.: +886-2-2506-9028 ext. 1200, E-mail:

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