Entrepreneurs donate NT$900 million to NTU


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Four entrepreneurs have donated a total of NT$900 million (about US$27.6 million) to National Taiwan University (NTU) to fund a project to foster its Hsinchu campus and make it the centerpiece of the nation’s biomedical research, university sources said yesterday.

Of the total, NT$150 million came from Etron Technology, a chip-design company; NT$50 million was provided by Health Banks, a company specialized in umbilical cord blood-related technology; NT$350 million was donated by Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. (PSC); and the other NT$350 million was offered by an NTU alumnus who refused to reveal his name.

Memoranda of understanding were signed by NTU and three of the four donors on the same day at a press conference in Taipei.

According to NTU, the Hsinchu campus will be established in three stages, with seven complexes to be built in the coming years on its 38 hectare compound.

Meanwhile, the funding provided by PSC and the NTU alumnus will be used to construct two of the seven complexes, NTU officials added.