Police officer arrested for firing shots into ceiling

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A police officer in Taipei County was arrested for violating a firearms law by firing four shots into the ceiling to vent his frustration, local media reported yesterday. Kang Chien-hsiung, 29, was arrested shortly after the incident and after prosecutors investigated his case, he was released on NT$40,000 bail. According to investigators, Kang had been reprimanded by his superior days before the incident. On the day it occurred, he was admonished again for not carrying proper documentation with him. Soon afterward, Kang apparently lost his temper and fired away into the ceiling, reported the Apple Daily. Kang is a Tainan native who had been working as a police officer for a year. In March of last year, he was transferred to the Sanchong branch in Taipei County.

Investigators said Kang lives alone, single and keeps to himself. Police suspect that Kang had been keeping his emotions pent up since he was first reprimanded, and when he was reprimanded a second time, he was no longer able to contain himself and cracked under pressure, taking out his anger by firing the gun. The National Police Agency said that out of some 70,000 police officers in the country, 125 were receiving psychological counseling for work, family, and personal problems.