The Mainland Affairs Council urges PRC to scrap ‘one China’


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan will welcome negotiations with China so long as Beijing forswears its “one China” framework and sets no preconditions to any talks, a Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) official said yesterday.

MAC Chairman Chen Ming-tong made the remarks during an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan in response to Chinese President Hu Jintao’s call for a peace agreement based on the “one China” principle two days earlier during the opening session of the Communist Party of China’s ongoing annual national congress.

Chen said it is impossible for the Taiwan government to ink any agreement under the “one China” framework, which he described as “an act of surrender.”

Soon after Hu was sworn in as China’s president, President Chen Shui-bian proposed the idea of establishing such a framework for peaceful development of cross-strait relations in January 2003, Chen Ming-tong noted.

However, there was no response from Beijing, he said, adding that five years passed before Hu’s recent call and still he insists that Taiwan accept the “one China” framework.

To show sincerity, Beijing should scrap the “one China” framework, abolish its anti-secession law, stop squeezing Taiwan out of the international community, and remove missiles deployed along its southeastern coast targeting Taiwan, he went on.

Meanwhile, MAC officials described the “one China” principle as the greatest barrier to the development of cross-strait relations, not the political basis on which peaceful development of cross-strait relations can be built, as Hu claimed in his address.

Beijing should change its rigid mentality with regard to its policies towards Taiwan and face the fact that Taiwan is not a part of China, the officials continued.

If China is sincere in its claim that it wants to benefit the people of Taiwan, it should rule out unrealistic political barriers, the officials said.

China should collaborate with Taiwan to complete negotiations on the cross strait cargo and passenger charter flights issue and on allowing Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan based on the existing consensus reached between both sides, the officials added.