Wrong cheat sheets betray a ‘Chinese bride’

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A common practice among immigration agents to keep track of “Chinese brides” in Taiwan is to interview them again and again. There are at least 100,000 Chinese brides who have married Taiwanese citizens and tried to become naturalized, with difficulty. Immigration agents make the process difficult, because many of the “brides” want only to get a quick buck or two by walking the street. They have to be prepared for the interviews. So they make memos that would refresh their “memory” about their married life in Taiwan. One such bride in Taichung made a blunder.

She was summoned to a local immigration office in the central Taiwan city yesterday. It’s the second interview since Lu Yu-ying, 31, of Szechwan, arrived in Taichung at the beginning of this month. Her Taiwanese husband is identified only by his family name of Lee. Immigration agents smelt something amiss when they first interviewed Lu and Lee, for their “memories” of the life together were not corroborated. Some sharp questions were asked during the second interview. To answer them, Lu tried to fish out her memo chits from her pocket to refresh her memory. Lu fished out wrong chits, however. Those were not the ones to make it easier for her to answer the tough questions. They were memos listing all her customers and the prices they paid for their trysts. “She kept a very good record,” an immigration agent said. “For each tryst,” he added, “she asked for NT$1,000. In a heyday, she had ten rendezvous.” He said Lu will be deported.