Breakfast shop in Nantou found selling heroin

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Police in the central county of Nantou yesterday cracked down on a problem breakfast store allegedly selling heroin along with breakfast, and arrested as many as 19 drug buyers within less than two hours. The store, located near the Tsaotun Sanatorium in Nantou County, was jointly operated by Wu Chun-lai, 38, and his girlfriend Wen Yi-mei, 40. Wu used to be a drug abuser and received medical care at the sanatorium to ease his eagerness for drugs. Shortly after Wu and Wen set up a small store to sell soybean milk, buns and fried eggs for breakfast in June, they decided to sell heroin to those drug addicts receiving medical care at the sanatorium.

The police said, drug abusers wishing to buy heroin from Wu were required to give calls to Wu or Wen in advance, using “I’m here to return money” as the password. Then Wu or Wen would sell breakfast along with one pack of heroin to each consumer at the cost of NT$500.

According to the police, there were over 40 “buyers” of heroin from the breakfast stand.

After being tipped off to the illegal drug-trafficking, the police started to closely monitor business operations of the breakfast store and collect relevant evidence against the alleged sales of heroin.

On Thursday morning, some 60 policemen acting as motorcyclists stopped by the roadside near the breakfast store. They observed how many customers gave NT$500 or NT$1,000 banknotes to Wu to purchase their breakfast, but Wu didn’t give any change.

In view of this, the policemen raided the breakfast shop, found 36 packs of heroin and arrested 19 drug buyers.

In addition, the police also raided Wu’s residence, uncovering 21 grams of heroin. Wu confessed to the police about the illegal heroin peddling, and may be taken into custody.