President Chen laments office guard’s suicide

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — President Chen Shui-bian yesterday lamented the fact that one of his security guards had killed himself over a love affair. Citing a Chinese saying that “beautiful plants can be found anywhere,” Chen said young people nowadays are less capable of handling pressure. Captain Lu Tseng-hsiang shot and killed himself Friday morning while on duty at the presidential residence.

Chen, who was about the leave for work when the suicide occurred, said he did not hear the gunshot. The Special Service Center (SSC) under the National Security Bureau (NSB) said the captain committed suicide because of trouble in a relationship. Media reports claimed that NSB director Shi Hwei-you and two generals in the security force had asked to be penalized because of the incident. But presidential spokesman Lee Nan-yang said that no punishments will be meted out before the NSB and the military prosecutors complete a probe into the case. SSC deputy commander Hsu Li-meng also said the force will not consider punishment until the probe concludes. He also clarified some “mistakes” in media reports about the location of the suicide scene and the captain’s work load. While a report claimed that Lu had to work four shifts during the day, and two shifts during the night, Hsu said the captain had a four-hour day shift and a two-hour night shift.