Indonesian fraud ring busted by Criminal Investigation Bureau

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A ring of 18 con artists whose activity focused on defrauding Indonesian citizens was apprehended by the Second Investigation Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) yesterday, consisting of eight illegal Indonesian foreign workers in Taiwan. The CIB indicated that the mastermind Chen Piao-chang and the rest of the ring members cheated Indonesian citizens by sending overseas text messages noting that they had won prizes through horse-racing and drawings, and asked them to wire money to the charity account to help orphans caused by the tsunami. “The charity account was opened in Taiwan, and when the text message recipients returned the call, the Indonesian foreign workers would pretend to be office workers in Hong Kong,” CIB said. They further stated, “Booklets on fraud strategies and account checkbooks were found at the scene, and the booklets had been translated into Indonesian from Chinese. Hundreds of people have been defrauded with the sum adding up to be more than NT$10,000,000.” The raid was conducted by Miaoli District Prosecutor Chang Wen-chieh, where Chen and the rest of the ring members were found separately in Taichung City, Nantou County, Changhua County and Miaoli County. Chen had been caught by police last year for being a member of a Chinese fraud gang.

The gang was sentenced for 18 to 22 months in prison in the first trial, and the second trial is set for Nov. 2. The fraudsters, including Chen, were freed on bail in April and May this year, and continued their criminal activities. In addition, there were many reports of Chen’s involvement in threat and fraud cases at high school and elementary schools in Taipei and Taichung district, where he was trailed by the Miaoli District Prosecutors Office, according to police sources. The police noted that Chen and his crew planned on leaving the island by boat in November to avoid the trial sentence.