Ma Ying-jeou chides president over smearing deceased father

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Ma Ying-jeou, Kuomintang standard bearer, chided President Chen Shui-bian yesterday for smearing his deceased father. In a statement, Ma said President Chen quoted an epitaph inscribed on the urn containing the ashes of his deceased father as saying in part: “Opposed to independence as well as gradual (Chinese) reunification,) the deceased tried) to revive China.” Chen then went on to say Sunday Ma cheated the people. “He doesn’t love Taiwan,” the president said. “If he loves Taiwan, the word Taiwan should be in the epitaph,” he charged. “I don’t like my father thus smeared,” Ma pointed out. “That’s why I didn’t respond on Sunday,” he continued.

But the president smeared the elder Ma again yesterday. “I’m protesting not in my capacity as the Kuomintang’s candidate for president but as the son of Ma Ho-ling,” the Ma statement said. He demanded that Chen try to keep his dignity and morality as president. Smearing a deceased person is morally indefensible in Taiwan as well as China.