Award-winning film out of Chinese ‘Oscars’: report

TAIPEI, Taiwan — An award-winning movie produced in mainland China has been withdrawn from rival Taiwan’s annual Golden Horse Film Awards, dubbed the Chinese-language “Oscars,” reports said yesterday. “Tuya’s Marriage,” which won the Golden Bear prize for best picture at the Berlin Film Festival in February, was pulled as Beijing bars Chinese-produced films from competing for the Taiwanese awards, the United Evening News said. However, joint productions made in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, such as Ang Lee’s acclaimed erotic spy thriller “Lust, Caution” are allowed to enter the race for the Golden Horses, the report said. “China has again interfered in the arts in the name of politics … by blocking ‘pure-blood’ Chinese films from participating in Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Awards,” said the Liberty Times. Golden Horse organizers on Tuesday declined to comment on the reports. “Tuya’s Marriage,” an unconventional love story about a Mongolian herdswoman and her two husbands, had been nominated for four prizes including best film and best director, and was considered a frontrunner due to its win in Berlin. The film’s female star, Yu Nan, was nominated for best actress and seen as the main rival of Tang Wei, who portrays a spy in 1940s Japanese-occupied Shanghai opposite Tony Leung in “Lust, Caution,” which earned 12 nods. “Lust, Caution” took home the Golden Lion for best picture at the Venice film festival in September. Last year, Tian Zhuangzhuang’s “The Go Master” was also abruptly withdrawn from the Golden Horses with no official explanation given.

More than 30 films will compete for top honors on Dec. 8 at the 44th Golden Horse Film Awards, which are styled on the U.S. Academy Awards but decided by a jury like the one at the independent-minded Cannes film festival.