Taiwan’s 1st maternal milk bank marks 3rd anniversary


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The maternal milk bank affiliated with Taipei City Hospital’s Branch for Women and Children celebrated its third founding anniversary yesterday.

The bank, the first of its kind in Taiwan, was established in 2004 to store maternal milk donated by mothers with excess milk supply who have passed blood tests determining their health. The milk is being provided to seriously ill premature infants and newborns with poor functioning digestive systems whose mothers cannot breastfeed or are unable to produce enough maternal milk. According to officials of the branch, over the past three years, more than 200 mothers have donated maternal milk to the bank, with each mother donating 10,000 ml of milk on average.

A total of 173 infants have benefited from the program, including 50 percent who were born premature, 20 percent with poor functioning digestive systems and others with immune deficiency or congenital defects and those requiring nutrient fortification after surgery, the officials said.