Executive Yuan to simplify issuing of business certificates


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Executive Yuan will lift or ease certain restrictions on administrative management to simplify procedures and shorten the time for issuing business certificates to local enterprises, a Cabinet official said yesterday.

Citing the results of a report released by the World Bank Group, the official said Taiwan ranked 148th among 175 economies in terms of effectiveness of issuing business certificates.

It takes 206 days for a local enterprise to get a business certificate from the government, while the average issuing time among other Asia-Pacific countries is 147 days, the official noted.

The Executive Yuan will listen to a briefing by the Council for Economic Planning and Development before making any decisions on ending certain unnecessary or redundant administrative procedures in applying for and issuing business certificates, the official said.

It will also make adjustments on regulations in need of improvement in an effort to enhance Taiwan’s international competitiveness,which has seen several backslides in global rankings, the official said.