Police cruisers drop pounds to cut down on oil

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The National Police Agency (NPA) under the Ministry of the Interior is launching a campaign of cutting oil consumption by reducing the weight of loads in police cars. NPA said that there are some 9,900 police cars around the island, and they can cut oil consumption by 100,000 liters of gasoline, reduce carbon emissions of 236 metric tons, and save NT$3 million in oil expenditure per year, if each police vehicle can cut loading weight by 10 kilograms.

Yesterday morning, the NPA invited Professor Kuo Shou-shui at the National Police University to instruct policemen how to reduce oil consumption by adapting a more light-footed attitude toward the gas pedal, as well as not keeping the engine idle.

The campaign will start May 1 through Aug. 31, with all more than 70,000 policemen around the island at over 2,000 police offices required to participate.