China has secret nuclear submarine base: report


LONDON — China has built a major underground nuclear submarine base on the southern tip of Hainan island, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The newspaper said Jane’s Intelligence Review, a respected defence periodical, obtained satellite images of the base, adding that the photos were the first confirmation of its existence.

“Satellite imagery, passed to The Daily Telegraph, shows that a substantial harbor has been built which could house a score of nuclear ballistic missile submarines and a host of aircraft carriers,” it said.

According to the Telegraph, which published multiple satellite photos, one image shows a Chinese 094 nuclear submarine at the base.

Others show several warships moored on long jetties as well as numerous entrances to what appear to be a network of tunnels.

There are reportedly 11 tunnel openings at the base, with each entrance, carved into the hill-side, stretching to a height of about 60 feet (18 meters). Jane’s Intelligence Review did not immediately reply to requests for comment from AFP.