NT$9 million in cash seized from drug dealer

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Police arrested a drug dealer at a five-star hotel in Taipei’s Xinyi estate yesterday. Aboard his car they found a few bags of amphetamines and NT$9.05 million in cash. “We’ve been tipped that the drug purchaser was to buy his stuff at the hostel,” one police investigator said.

Police laid in wait for the buyer, whose identity was withheld. Nor did they say which hotel it was where the transaction was set to be made. It’s not at all difficult to arrest the buyer. It’s a big problem to count the money the investigators seized aboard the car the buyer parked in front of the hotel. The easiest way out was to bring the suspect and the cash to the post office next door. One machine was borrowed to count all the money. “Fortunately, we’ve been able to borrow the money-counting machine,” a police sergeant said. If the cash had to be counted manually, it would have taken at least half an hour to complete the counting.