Boy with hand jammed in a motor comes out of surgery

The China Post news staff

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan — “I’m all right,” an 11-year-old boy told his mother and teacher yesterday after undergoing a 10-hour operation to get his seriously mauled hand fixed up. The boy, known by his family name of Liao, got his left hand mauled in a motor at an ice cream parlor in a Kaohsiung waterfront park Sunday. He was too curious. He got too near the motor and had his hand sucked into it.

The motor was jammed and he was able to withdraw the hand. The back of the hand was almost all peeled off. Taken to the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Liao’s hand was operated on at once. Doctors in charge said it would be just as good as new. His mother and teachers paid the boy a visit and were relieved that his hand would be all right again. “I won’t be that curious again anymore,” Liao promised his mother and teacher.