Father drowns after he saves his two children

The China Post news staff

TAOYUAN, Taiwan — A father jumped into the waters to save his two children Sunday, though he didn’t know how to swim. The resident of Chuwei near Taoyuan, known as Kung, took the children, aged seven and 11, to the beach for an outing in the sunny afternoon, police investigators said. Both children slipped and fell into the sea by accident. “The father had to go into the waters to get them out to safety,” one investigator said. The children were saved. Exhausted after a strenuous effort, Kung dropped on his knees in the shallow waters and was drowned.

“The waters were not at all deep, only about two feet and a little more,” said the investigator. Kung, however, was asphyxiated to death. When he was brought ashore, Kung lost his vital signs. He was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.