P.K. Chiang announces he will give up concurrent jobs

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — P. K. Chiang said yesterday he would have no concurrent jobs when he assumes office as chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation on May 26. “That is what the public wants me to do,” Chiang said in a statement issued by the Kuomintang.

But Chiang didn’t say if he would quit as vice chairman of the Kuomintang. Chiang joined at least four companies as either chairman or member of the board of directors after he retired as chairman of the Council for Economic Planning and Development in 2000. Among them are the Swancor Industries Company, Kung Long Batteries Industrial Co., and Kung Chi Investment Corp. “I’ve started resigning from all of those corporations,” Chiang said. “By the time I take up my SEF job,” he pointed out, “I’ll have only that job.” SEF is a semi-government organization charged with the conduct of relations between Taiwan and China. Its Chinese counterpart is the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait. According to its charter, SEF does not pay its chairman. On the other hand, it does not forbid the chairman to have concurrent jobs. C. F. Koo, a former SEF chairman, headed the Ho Hsin group, which includes the Taiwan Cement Corporation and the Chinatrust Bank. “All this aside, I’ll resign from every company where I sit on its board,” said Chiang, who served as vice president of the Legislative Yuan from 2002 to 2005.