Culture council announces literature competition

By Jenny Liu, Special to The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Cabinet-level Council for Cultural Affairs yesterday announced that it will again hold the National Cultural Achievement Award for the disabled. The contest, in its eighth year, aims to encourage the disabled to express their voice and feelings through writing. This year, contestants should submit their articles under the topic, “Story of a Vibrant Life,” from June 1 to August 15. More information can be obtained at or (02)2700-3916.

“Since the literature competition is launched in 1998, people with disability were enthusiastic to take part. Over the years, the contest has seen 2,685 people participating, and 226 people have got prizes,” said Huang Pi-tuan, chairwoman of Council for Cultural Affairs. “We hope to promote the idea that everyone can write, as long as you have a pen in your hand and ideas in your mind.” A performance by the Eden Ballroom Dance Troupe sent the event to its climax. The two dancers, Chung Ai-ya and Kuo Wen-sheng, gave a brilliant performance even though they were wheelchair-bound. “I have learned ballroom dancing on a wheelchair for over six years. Besides, I can play tennis, basketball and perform archery. Through exercising, we not only can feel relaxed but can also mingle with others. I suggest that every disabled person try to play as many sports as they can,” said Kuo. Also during the event, Yu Hsiu-chih, whose nickname is “wheelchair angel,” recited her composition expressively. Her writing touched many in the audience.

A versatile lady, Yu has many talents including writing and drawing. She encouraged the disabled by saying, “We are very lucky because we have the ability to think and feel. Do not limit yourself and be brave to share your happy emotions with others.”