Tainan to provide facilities for biotech researchers


TAINAN, Taiwan — The Tainan County Government in southern Taiwan will construct a building to house the nation’s prestigious researchers in the field of biotechnology as a means of supplementing local agriculture, Tainan County Magistrate Su Huan-chih said yesterday.

The building, to be located in Tainan’s Southern Taiwan Science Park, will house about 200 researchers from Academia Sinica and serve as an extended space for the institute’s research center in the park.

Currently, a total of 69 researchers work at the institute’s experimental center in the science park, carrying out experiments in the fields of biomass fuel, orchid genes and plant stress resistance, said Chan Ming-tsair, director of the research center.

The research to be carried out in the building is expected to continue the center’s efforts and to help solve technology problems encountered by the local agricultural industry, as Tainan County is the powerhouse of Taiwan’s agricultural production, Su said.