Anti-Ma protest poorly timed

The China Post news staff

August 30th’s street demonstration by supporters of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was poorly timed. While the march was organized to protest the Kuomintang government’s purported failure to tackle Taiwan’s economic woes, many people instead interpreted the event as a show of support for the embattled former president Chen Shui-bian. The former president, who quit the DPP after admitting his wife had remitted US$20 million in “leftover campaign funds” to Switzerland, made things more complicated by issuing a news release encouraging his supporters to take part in the demonstration.

We find it odd that the DPP thinks ordinary people will suddenly start dancing to its tune of claiming the government is ignoring the economic welfare of the people. While the KMT government should be held accountable for poor economic performance, since the KMT indeed promised to turn the economy around quickly during the presidential campaign, a mere 100 days is hardly enough time to measure the government’s performance. It was nothing less than ironic to see the DPP marching in the streets to complain about a poor economy when just 100 days before, the DPP was in charge of the country and had been so for the past eight years.