A call for rationality in the wake of the anti-Ma street rally

Hisao Wei-hung

BEITOU, Taiwan — The 830 rally against Ma was held yesterday (last Saturday). An estimated 30,000 people took to the streets, proclaiming that Taiwan sovereignty needs maintaining, governmental finance requires more transparency, and particularly that people desire to live on.

It was supposed to be praised highly for democracy. However, the rally has been distorted as being support for the former president accused of money-laundering. Since the event had been announced for over two weeks, waves of opposition have been coming over, and even lots of DPP supporters urgently withdrew from the party because of their shame about Chen. Some people even look down on the DPP’s position and future politically and hope for its disappearance.

The splash of Chen’s accusation does give a harsh hit on the DPP. Still, it is the second largest party taking the position of an opposition party to control and balance the ruling party. If this happens, chances are that the ruling party will boom to become the sole large party in Taiwan. It turns out that the lack of this control and balancing mechanism between parties will jeopardize Taiwan’s future. Particularly, Ma’s conciliatory China policy certainly requires more examination by the opposition.

Therefore, I call on all the people to calm down. Do not go too far emotionally to lose the ability of rationality.