Taiwan tops film contest on IP protection


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan has won a number of prizes in a short video competition organized by private organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong to raise public awareness of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, the organizers said yesterday.

The competition — launched by the Taiwan Foundation Against Copyright Theft and the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Society for the first time this March — was divided into three categories — secondary school students, tertiary education students and the general public.

Seven of Taiwan’s 163 entries won prizes in all three categories, including one gold medal, two silvers, one bronze and three outstanding performance awards, while eight of Hong Kong’s entries also took awards.

The competition received a total of 212 video clip submissions from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Lien Jin-yi, one of the three students from Taiwan’s Ling Tung University who took gold in the tertiary student category, said he was “very surprised” to win the award because they spent only a little money and took only a week to produce the winning clip.

In the video clip, Lien and his partners compare innovative ideas to lit light bulbs, which are turned off by “piracy hands” one after another.

It will be Taiwan’s turn to host the competition next year, the organizers said, adding that they want to expand the scope of the competition to encourage more young people in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to pay attention to the issue of IPR protection.