Ex-vice president watches Hsinchu set 360m rice noodle world record


HSINCHU, Taiwan — Former Vice President Annette Lu visited Hsinchu City in northern Taiwan Saturday to attend the opening of the city’s Rice Noodle Festival, which featured an attempt at making the world’s longest rice noodle.

Rice noodle makers taking part in the festival broke the world record by making a 360-meter rice noodle.

Speaking to reporters upon her arrival in the city, Lu said that Hsinchu is not only a high-technology center but is also a city that has many important cultural characteristics and traditional industries.

She added that Hsinchu’s rice noodles and meatballs are tasty snacks that are famous around the country.

The Hsinchu Rice Noodle Festival, which will run through Sunday, will also feature various competitions, including a noodle frying contest, a Chuchien Princess pageant and a dance contest for foreigners.

Hsinchu will also hold a meatball festival on the weekend of Sept. 27-28,featuring many of the city’s traditional foods, including Chuchien cake, black cat buns, zongzi and grass jelly, as well as products of various traditional industries, including glass works, pottery and Chinese medicine.