Hypermarts attract consumers with discounted vegetable prices

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Floods of people yesterday swarmed hypermarts seeking to purchase vegetables in case prices rise further after the powerful Typhoon Jangmi seriously undermined vegetable production on the island. Local people took an extra “typhoon leave” yesterday, prompting them to rush to hypermarts to enjoy price discounts offered by the markets to stimulate buying sentiment. Geant, for instance, launched a discount campaign yesterday to celebrate its founding anniversary, under which a bundle of water convolvulus cost only NT$8, compared with the regular price of NT$16, while potatoes were sold for only NT$1 per piece.

As a result, Geant saw its vegetable stands cleaned out within five minutes after its doors opened yesterday morning. RT-Mart, another hypermart, also saw its sales revenues rebound sharply on its 50 percent discount on dairy products.

Quite a few consumers rushed to clean away bread, cake and other dairy products regardless of the impact of the recent melamine-contamination issue. Carrefour also witnessed its sales revenues of vegetable products surge at least 20 percent yesterday as a result of increasing consumers seen yesterday afternoon.

Market sources said that local vegetable prices are expected to surge further in the coming days, as vegetable production in major farming counties such as Changhua, Kaohsiung, Yilan, Pingtung and Taitung were damaged by torrential rains caused by Typhoon Jangmi.

According to estimates made by the Council of Agriculture, total islandwide agricultural losses caused by Jangmi amounted to NT$310 million.