Largest-ever sex ring in Taipei area smashed


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taipei City police smashed the largest-ever sex ring in the greater Taipei area Wednesday, arresting nine people, including a chief suspect, accountants, pimps and call girls, a spokesman said.

After lengthy tracking and investigation, Taipei police authorities detained the ring leader surnamed Lee, as well as drivers and prostitutes from China and Indonesia in a raid early Wednesday.

Police also confiscated hundreds of items, such as account books, monthly reports, records of customers’ sex deals and PDAs, the spokesman said. All nine suspects were handed to Taipei prosecutors for further questioning on charges of pandering, he said.

Account books seized by police showed that the ring, which maintained more than 20 brothels and hired over 1,000 local and foreign sex workers — mostly from China and Southeast Asian countries, made several millions of NT dollars each week until recently, making the ring the largest of its kind in the greater Taipei area ever smashed by police, the spokesman said.

Taipei policemen also discovered that the ring, in a bid to prevent from being tracked down by law enforcement authorities, had compiled a large number of newspaper files relating to news about sex trade and human trafficking. To the policemen’s surprise, all these news clippings contained detailed information about where, when and by whom criminal suspects in the same line of illegal business were arrested, the spokesman noted.