Chinese visiting outlying isles for visas

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chinese visitors traveling to the outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu via the “mini three links” will be granted landing visas, immigration authorities announced yesterday. The landing visas, which will also allow Chinese visitors to travel further to the Penghu islands, closer to Taiwan proper, will be valid for six days, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said. But the landing visas will only be given to tourist groups ranging from five to 40 people, NIA said.

Travelers from China will also be able apply for multiple visas valid for a year, but these visas have to be obtained before departure, the NIA said. The mini three links have been introduced to facilitate exchange between Taiwan’s outlying islands and China’s coastal cities. The full “three links,” which refer to direct mail, transportation and trade across the Taiwan Strait, have yet to be opened despite constant calls for them.