Taipei County police to be briefed on designer drugs


TAIPEI, Taiwan — In a bid to help police detect new types of illicit drugs, Taipei county policemen have been ordered to gain a better knowledge of them through drug mules detained by law enforcement agents, a spokesman said Thursday.

The prime purpose of the measure is to clamp down on new illicit drugs in a bid to improve social order, as drugs are closely linked to the growing number of burglaries, robberies and violent crimes in the county, the spokesman said.

Several new illegal drugs such as DOB, BZP and TFMP have been increasingly seized in raids by law enforcement agents at nightclubs in Taipei County, northern Taiwan and from passengers entering the country from New Zealand and Australia. The three drugs, usually presented in colorful candy-like coating, are often sold to drug users as the popular club drug ecstasy (the common name for the amphetamine MDMA) or promoted as an ecstasy alternative.