Thai rep office denies maltreatment of dog


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Thailand Trade and Economic Office (TTEO) in Taipei denied Saturday that Thai workers were involved in the maltreatment of a dog, an accusation leveled by local television news channels last week.

“This news has damaged Thai people’s image in Taiwan, “ the TTEO stated, adding that no Thai people were involved in the abuse.

The news channels reported Sept. 29 that six foreign workers had maltreated a pregnant dog in Kaohsiung County in southern Taiwan. Some of the channels claimed the workers were from Thailand.

The TVBS news channel later released a correction on its Web site, saying that the six workers are not from Thailand. According to the TVBS, two of the suspects caught by the police are Vietnamese and Cambodian.

According to the Council of Labor Affairs, there were 374,147 foreign workers in Taiwan as of the end of July, including about 85,000 from Thailand, most of whom work in the manufacturing industry.