Police confiscate 1,000 illegal DVDs in Taoyuan


TAOYUAN, Taiwan — The leader of the copyright police in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan, said yesterday that officers from his unit seized more than 1,000 pirated DVDs a day earlier at a night market in Taoyuan County.

Chen Fu-chien, leader of the Taoyuan unit of the Intellectual Property Protection Brigade under the National Police Agency, said his men discovered a junior high school student selling discs containing a wide rage of illegally copied movies. “We were surprised to see such recent titles as ‘Cape No. 7’ and ‘Paris’ among the titles,” Chen said.

Cape No. 7 is a Taiwanese film that is still being screened around the island, with box office takings surpassing NT$300 million already, while Paris is a French romance not scheduled to be shown in Taiwan until December.

The student claimed that he was not the owner of the pirated films but was merely paid NT$1,000 to look after the stand.

Police officers were trying to follow leads to track down the counterfeit ring that produced the discs, Chen said.