Rich ‘sugar daddy’ tries his luck for too long

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Bad things come to a two-timer who has tried his luck for too long. A wealthy Taipei merchant met a cute Vietnamese runaway migrant worker almost three years ago. He turned a one night stand into a long-lasting extramarital affair. In fact, the 53-year-old merchant, known only by his family name of Yeh, kept the girl as a concubine without the knowledge of his wife of more than two decades. That was lucky enough for Yeh, who, however, tried his luck when his little cutie needed to go to hospital.

The sugar daddy, who is a miser otherwise, used the national health insurance card of Mrs. Yeh to get free treatment for his concubine who is not covered by any insurance. Everything went fine for her 22 hospital visits.

When she got sick for the 23rd time last week, a confident Yeh, who was very busily occupied in office, didn’t go back home to pick up his wife’s insurance card. He escorted the Vietnamese girl to the hospital she used to visit. As no insurance card could be produced, Yeh had to pay the fees in cash.

He forgot one thing, however. The girl who pretended to be Mrs. Yeh could have the fees refunded if she went back to the hospital with the insurance card within a week after the visit.

She didn’t go back to the hospital, of course. But a hospital clerk, who knew that the make-believe Mrs. Yeh is a frequent visitor, rung up the real Mrs. Yeh at home, telling her the time was running short for her to claim a reimbursement. At first, Mrs. Yeh didn’t know what the call was about. She had never visited the hospital. On further questioning the hospital clerk, the wife came to realize she had been cheated by her disloyal husband for more than two years. An irate Mrs. Yeh pressed adultery charges against her husband and his concubine. The hospital reported the misuse of the insurance card. The lovers are being prosecuted for adultery and forgery.