Flexible display, three other devices forecast to emerge fast


TAIPEI, Taiwan — In the next several years,the global market for display equipment will increasingly concentrate on four “emerging” technologies — flexible display, touch screen, public information display, and three-dimensional display, according to a survey by market analyst Displaybank.

Displaybank’s Taiwan chapter forecast in a statement that the market for all four of these technologies will expand fast in the next decade, achieving annual growth rates in output value ranging from 28 percent to 143 percent.

For individual product lines, the market research showed that the mainstream thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) will reach its production peak in the next two to three years, and after that, the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) will phase in to seize an increasingly larger market share.

After OLED, flexible display will become the next mainstream product when related manufacturing technologies mature, according to Displaybank’s analysts.

Meanwhile, the annual average composite growth rates for flexible display will be as high as 126 percent for 2008-2017, while the flexible display products will account for 25 percent of the production output of all display devices in 2017, the analysts said.

3D display, they said, will also see strong growth in the next four years, and before 2012, its annual average composite growth rate will reach 143 percent.

As for public information display, the annual average composite growth rates is likely to reach 28 percent for 2008-2012; while the annual average composite growth rate of touch screen displays will be between 31 percent to 35 percent, depending on the size of screen, according to the forecast.