Green cycling relay to kick off in November

The China Post News staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In order to encourage environmentally friendly and energy-saving activities, Tetra Pak has initiated a new campaign: “Cycling Relay for a Greener Taiwan” that will be held from November 12th to the 22nd.

Tetra Pak originates from Sweden, and is known as an eco-friendly enterprise with the core principle of protecting global resources. “With the accelerating global warming crisis, the whole world is taking a variety of actions to fight against this,” an event organizer said. “In view of this, Tetra Pak is organizing the “Cycling Relay for a Greener Taiwan” campaign to lead an 11-day/950km green mission of around-the-island cycling.”

Since many people, due to time or physical factors, may not be able to finish a long-distance cycling trip, there will be a team relay that stresses “the avoidance of speeding, maintaining a leisurely pace, and cooperating through group actions.”

To ensure the safety of bikers, professional cycling coaches and 5 tandems reassembled with Tetra Pack packages will follow the procession.

In keeping with the “carbon footprint reduction” concept, Tetra Prisma Aseptic packages will also be given out to all participants. The octagonal design is Tetra Pak’s newly developed package for juices, teas, water and other drinks. It is also an earth-friendly and 100% recyclable product.

Tetrapak is sponsoring other special activities at high-speed rail stations in Hsinchu, Taichung and Zuoying during the cycling campaign; “Tetra girls” will distribute bookmarks made of recycled paper.