Unfortunate error on ID card can’t be corrected

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A Taipei resident was baffled. He found out his identification card number and that of a dead man were exactly the same. The resident, identified only as Yang, reported the mistake to the domiciliary registrar in Taipei City in April this year. The registrar admitted it was an error but refused to correct it.

Yang then appealed to the Taipei municipal appeals commission a month later, telling the commission the individual who had the same ID card number, with the family name of Hung, died quite some time ago. The commission deliberated on the appeal, and it took more than three months to reach a decision. On Wednesday, the commission turned down Yang’s appeal. The reason? Hung was born before Yan. The cardholder who is alive was ordered to change his ID card number so that it wouldn’t be the same as the deceased man.