Anti-porn Muslims rally in Indonesia


JAKARTA — At least 500 Muslims from an Islamic party marched through the Indonesian capital on Thursday to push legislators to pass a controversial anti-pornography bill.

The supporters of the bill from the United Development Party, or PPP, said the anti porn bill would save the nation from moral destruction and called to protect the nation’s morals through bills based on sharia or Islamic law.

They marched to parliament with their party’s green flags and banners that read “Pass anti-pornography bill immediately”.

The bill, which aims to shield the young from pornographic materials and lewd acts, is being pushed by a small group of Islamist parties in predominantly Muslim, but officially secular, Indonesia.

The plan to pass the bill has been condemned by minority groups in the country, including the Balinese, who are Hindu, as well as Christians.

Lawmakers have so far stopped short of passing the bill, which has been watered down from its original version after concerns that it could be misused against minority groups.