Changhua holds festival to back dairy industry


CHANGHUA, Taiwan — Changhua County in central Taiwan opened a milk cow festival Saturday as part of efforts to show support for the local dairy industry, an official of the county’s Department of Agriculture said Saturday.

The two-day annual event was expected to help increase consumption of milk and other dairy products in the winter, which is usually the peak season for milk production but the low season for milk consumption.

The festival, held in a cereal barn in the county’s Fusing township,was organized by the department and the farmers’ association of the township, where most of the county’s milk cows are raised.

The festival displayed photos and video clips on the milk production process and development of the county’s dairy industry to show how milk is produced and how milk cows are raised.

There was also a series of events giving children the chance to roll up milk rice balls or paint cutouts shaped like cows.

The farm also provided children with empty milk cartons to draw on and compete to see who could come up with the most creative design.

The first day’s activities also included a milk drinking contest, which, instead of asking participants to drink as much milk as they could, invited them to make funny faces after downing the beverage, the official said.

Changhua County is one of Taiwan’s most important milk production centers. It has a total of 102 milk farmers who raise 21,700 milk cows that produce about 65,000 tons of milk every year, about one-fifth of Taiwan’s total production.

Milk farms can be found in each of the county’s 26 townships, and many of them have existed for more than 30 years.