Integration of Taichung, county in final stages


TAICHUNG, Taiwan — Premier Liu Chao-shiuan said yesterday that the plan to integrate Taichung city and county and upgrade their status to that of a special municipality is now in the final stages.

Speaking at a legislative interpellation session, Liu said all that is left is for the president and vice president to be briefed on the details of the plan, which he said will be done sometime this week.

Liu made the remarks in response to a query on the issue by Legislator Chi Kuo-tung of the ruling Kuomintang who said he had already heard Minister of the Interior Liao Liou-yi’s views on the integration plan. According to Chi, the interior minister said that the integration plan is a complicated political process involving several issues such as the terms of the magistrate and mayor and the status of village and township chiefs in the proposed special municipality.

Liao was quoted as having said that all of these issues would have to be dealt with in accordance with the law and public opinion.

Premier Liu said at interpellation session that after the plan is presented to the president and vice president for their input, it will be sent to all the relevant legislative committees and civic groups for discussion, after which time the details of the plan will be announced to the public.

He added that the process of integrating Taichung city and county and upgrading their status to a special municipality will “definitely be completed.”