Largest-ever haul of ‘K’ seized at Taoyuan airport


TAOYUAN, Taiwan — More than 156 kg of ketamine — the largest haul ever seized at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport — was discovered earlier this week at the country’s main gateway, airport police authorities said Thursday in a statement.

According to airport police authorities, airport security inspectors detected the Category 3 drug when X-raying cargo that had been mailed through the airport’s express delivery service centers.

The drug was discovered in three batches, with the first two batches totaling 105.2 kg seized Tuesday at one courier center and the third, of 51.45 kg, discovered Wednesday at a different center, airport police said. The drugs were wrapped in small aluminum bags.

Two suspects were apprehended in Taipei and Taoyuan counties in northern Taiwan, while a third was captured in Pingtung County in the south of the country.