Chiayi councilor met with ARATS chief in Zhangzhou


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chiayi Councilor Chen Wen-lin of the ruling Kuomintang said he met the quasi-official Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) chief Sept. 24 when he visited the tulou (earth building) in Zhangzhou, listed as a world heritage site.

After learning that Chen Yunlin was to visit Taiwan in October, he and other members of his tour group invited the official to visit Chiayi to see the famous Mt. Ali and taste steamed rice with turkey, a Chiayi delicacy.

Chen Wen-lin said he regretted that Chen Yunlin would not visit Chiayi and expressed hope that the public would not “over-politicize” his visit.

“Those who visit Taiwan should be treated as guests. If he can travel to central and southern Taiwan, he will also gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s freedom and democracy,” Chen Wen-lin said.

“The two sides of the Taiwan Strait should not confront each other forever, but should gradually ease the tensions,” he added.