Taipei Hot Spring Fest offers steep discounts


TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taipei city government invited the public yesterday to soak up the goodness of the city’s famous hot springs by taking advantage of steep discounts available during the 10th annual Taipei Hot Spring Festival.

The two-month festival, running through Nov. 30, will include two carnivals held near the Xinbeitou MRT Station Plaza that will feature over 17 activities including live music performances, tea-tasting sessions, traditional handicraft classes and tarot card readings.

The first of the two carnivals opened Thursday and will run through Oct. 3, while the second will take place Oct. 29-31, according to the Department of Information and Tourism.

Chou Shuei-mei, chairwoman of the Taipei Hot Springs Association, said that during the festival, 12 hot spring hotels and resorts located in the famous hot spring district of Beitou will offer discounts of up to 60 percent until Dec. 30.

One of the hot spring resorts in the district was recently named by CNN as one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia, “using the country’s volcanic plumbing bubbling up to heal with curing white sulfur.”

In addition to the festival, Beitou will also play host to several other events during the same period, including the Taiwan Hot Spring Fine Cuisine Carnival organized by the Tourism Bureau.