Jumping on bed raises risk of asthma, allergies: study

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — There is actually a legitimate reason why parents ask kids to not jump on their beds — bouncing up and down on mattresses is one of the main causes of asthma and allergy, according to a study conducted by Kaohsiung Medical University. One minute of jumping on a bed will increase the concentration of airborne particles in the room by 28 times, according to the study. Certain reports even found the airborne particle concentration to increase up to 307 times. Inhalation of airborne particles can negatively affect the respiratory system, Kaohsiung Medical University professor Chen Pei-shih said at a press conference yesterday. When toddlers or children jump on the bed, dust and other particles are released and suspended in air. The high concentration of airborne particles increases the risk of the child developing asthma and other allergies. For the study, researchers looked at 20 families with asthmatic children in Kaohsiung City. Using dust-testing equipment, researchers measured the particle concentration level of the room after five minutes of rest. They then pounded the mattress in the room with a pad to simulate children jumping on the beds for a full minute and measured the level again. For one last experiment, the researchers made the bed and took the rooms’ particle concentration. Results showed that no matter the size of the particle, the room became more concentrated with dust after the pounding, with all 20 bedrooms increasing in airborne particle mass by an average of 28 times. Making the bed didn’t affect air quality as much, increasing the dust concentration by an average of 2.5 times.

In one home, the airborne particles intensified by 307.3 times. Researchers were quick to point out that such families likely did not regularly wash their sheets, causing the coverings to be coated with dust. Chen urged parents to periodically wash their children’s bed sheets, adding that spreading a bamboo matt across the bed can also help decrease the dust concentration.